adriatic blue wave necklace

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, nestled between the coasts of Italy, Croatia, and Greece.

I remember its surface calmly shimmering in the early morning light and I can almost smell the air already saturated by salty moisture as I spread two beach towels on a narrow pebble beach. The ten days an adorable and intriguing young man and I spent laying there side by side getting to know each other five years ago belong to the nicest memories my now-husband and I share.

I can still hear the soft waves shyly sliding up onto our beach. When you close your eyes, I swear the sound of their subtle yet incessant movement will soon make you believe the sea is alive and breathing right next to you.

Along with sterling silver wire, there are these and many other memories woven into the simple design of this intricate lacey pendant. The brilliant azure, steel and smokey colours of Czech glass beads woven within make the owner feel like she is wearing a piece of the Adriatic right by her heart.

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