bobbin lace in wire: spiral earrings with carnelian

I was perusing Pinterest today, and was so pleasantly surprised to see a picture of my wire bobbin lace earrings pinned and repinned 20 times (I know, peanuts for some, but it’s HUGE for me). The only sad part is that the 20-times repinned picture linked to a blog that took my photo and didn’t bother crediting me for it. Oh, well – that’s the risk inherent to anything put online, I guess.

Bobbin Lace Earrings by JaKiGu

Anyway, the first thing I thought when I saw those earrings of mine was that is was funny. Because I have been thinking about getting back to bobbin lace making, and to jewelry making in general, for weeks now. I took a break from working with resin when I was pregnant and then, obviously, I kind of took a break from my former life when Baby Bubba was born, period. But my fingers have been itching for a while. Maybe I am ready.

If Bubba’s naps are 30 minutes each, and he naps 3 times a day,  these should only take 5 days to make! Ha!

Pity babies are everything but predictable. Maybe jewelry making will have to wait a tiny bit longer. But thanks for letting me inspire myself, Pinterest!

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  1. ChillyChick says:

    I’m glad I found the origin of the earrings!! I love bobbin lace and your ideas have inspired me to try lacing in wire. Beautiful work!!! keep lacing when you can 😉

  2. Mahalakshmi Shankar says:

    I am so happy I bumped into your website.. lovely earrings

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