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Last Friday night, I grabbed my hook to quickly whip up a test black and white crochet spiral for a collaboration project I am considering. While I was working on the swirl, another black and white circle idea popped up in my mind. So, I made it – and while doing so, like bubbles, another two ideas popped up in my head. By Sunday night I had 16 different black and white motifs. And then I noticed I had been storing all these circles in a black and white polka dot basket. Clearly, there’s a theme going on; wouldn’t you say? | black and white crochet basket

And yes: the pattern for the Polka Dot Basket is now available in both my JAKIGU.COM and Etsy shops.

The only thing is, I have no idea how to use all these black and white crochet circles! Help me with ideas, please! Aside from framing them in squares and stitching them together to make a blanket, what other uses for round crochet motifs can you think of?

Also, would you be interested in written patterns for these black and white crochet motifs?

Let me know in the comments! | black and white crochet motifs

By the way, if the collaboration works out, I’ll announce the project along with a published pattern in late October. As of now, I am not sure what it ultimately will be. I’m going back and forth between another clutch idea and another baby toy idea. Subscribe to my blog below or follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop. In either case, I foresee much more black and white crochet experimenting in my future.

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  1. Tina Shook says:

    I love them and the bag. I would be interested in patterns. They would make a really cute bag.

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