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In all the hustle of changing from the holiday routine back to Month 10 of home learning (not to mention the disturbing events in Washington DC this past Wednesday), I was still somehow able to tap a magical source of inspiration, motivation, and determination. Not only that: I have somehow found the time to crochet. And – most surprisingly – not get tired of the repetitive nature of crocheting a dozen handmade crochet baskets in the past two weeks.

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I wouldn’t be true to my self if I just went and crocheted a bunch of colorful baskets, though, would I?

These baskets are… different. Permanently stiffened, shall we say? Indestructible, even? I mean, you will hear them hitting the table.


Creating these baskets is a multistep process. Crocheting is just step one. After that, the baskets are stiffened and sealed in multiple layers of sealant. And then, they are coated with two coats of protective and super-stiffening resin. All in all, it takes 5 days to make them! Though I do get a bit impatient waiting for sealant to dry and resin to cure, I do enjoy working with resin. You may remember that I have quite a history of working with resin. And it kind of occurred to me that this would be a good way (and time) to resurrect the craft.

I am so pleased with the result! What do you think?

handmade crochet baskets: lace edition

$30 ea

handmade crochet baskets: solid edition

$35 ea

All these baskets will be available during my first online pop up sale of 2021 on January 31 at 8AM Eastern at this link.

All items available in the online sale can be viewed here.

You can also check out my Instagram – I might post some more details, highlights, and pictures of these baskets there.

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