crochet basics (PAGE)

Landing page for all my tutorials

Should include all stitches and techniques required to make my designs.

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Stitches (PAGE)

  1. chain stitch (post)
  2. slip stitch
  3. single crochet
    1. x and v
    2. waistcoat stitch
    3. single crochet under the ridge
  4. moss stitch

Techniques (PAGE)

  1. adjustable magic loop (post)
  2. invisible join
  3. tight join
  4. crocheting with 2 crochet hooks
  5. coiled crochet

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on a cusp of a new year

Most people see the end of a year as an opportunity to revisit, reevaluate, and reflect on the year past. I am not most people. Today is the eve of a new year: the proverbial blank sheet waiting to be filled with anything we can imagine. I love dreaming. In dreams, like in a new…

snowflake 2022, free crochet pattern

After last year’s hiatus and with a slight delay, I am excited to continue the annual tradition of starting the season with a free snowflake pattern. Crochet snowflake 2022 is a delightfully simple crochet project that utilizes only the chain, slip, and single crochet stitches. The guiding force behind this year’s design has been…

You are wonderful

Since I sent out an appeal to help me keep believing in the goodness of humanity in my newsletter 4 weeks ago, through your purchases of the Help Ukraine crochet pattern bundle you have helped me to raise, to date, $750 dollars. Click to view the donation receipt and the sales report, if you wish.THANK…