Beaded Crochet Necklace – JaKiGu Crochet Pattern

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PDF crochet instruction for a bib necklace with beads.


PDF instructions to make your own crochet necklace.

Nursing necklaces, breastfeeding necklaces, mommy necklaces – they are known by many names. And they are pretty awesome. After all, every mom wants to feel pretty. But she needs something that will survive the incessant pulling and tugging. That’s why textile necklaces are such a great option for any brestfeeding or bottle-feeding mom. But they are a great option for the baby, too! If the right colours and materials get combined, this necklace becomes a wonderful sensory tool helping your child focus on feeding, and preventing her from scratching you or pulling your hair.

But this necklace is not only for nursing mamas! This simple pattern can be executed in either monochromatic tones or in a range of colours from contrasting brights to coordinating pastels to soothing neutrals, and the finished necklace can certainly make a powerful statement about any woman that decides to wear it. Beads are an optional addition – their weight adds substance to the piece but they are not necessary.

With a knot closure, the length of the necklace can be customized. This way, the necklace can be worn with many different shirts regardless of how deep their necklines are. And no one needs to worry about the closure snapping!

Don’t get constricted by the pattern, though – this necklace is fully customizable, and I encourage you to experiment! From the colour of thread and beads to the hook size to final length, you are in charge. You have all the tools to make a necklace either quite similar, or very different, from mine. Let my design inspire your imagination.

The sample necklace in the pictures has been made using a 2mm crochet hook, size 5 DMC Coton Perle thread, and 4mm beads.

Please note that this is a pattern written in standard American terms, not a tutorial. Instructions on how to execute individual stitches are not included.


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