custom-made crochet rainbows

Hello, Indy Midtown Swaperoo visitor.
I’d be happy to make you a custom crochet rainbow wall hanging.

Production Time

Usually ready to ship or deliver within 24 hours of purchase.


(Find the gallery of possible variations below)

4-arc rainbow: $25 {2.75 x 4.5 in}
5-arc rainbow : $30 {3 x 5.5 in}
6-arc rainbow: $35 {3.5 x 6 in}
Art Deco rainbow/arc: $40 {5 x 5.25}

Dip-dyed fringe: add $10

Measurements are approximate and listed as height x width. Fringe length is completely customizable and not included in the measurements.


*Free delivery within the I-465 loop (Indianapolis, IN)
*Flat-rate $5 domestic shipping (minimal and/or repurposed packaging)


*Cash on delivery
*Secure checkout through this site using credit card payment through PayPal gateway
*Etsy checkout

Design Your Rainbow

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Possibilities are Endless