Crochet, the Modern Stitchcraft.

Crochet is a craft. It is art. It is cultural heritage that transcends age, race, gender, or continents. It is the fibre that connects our past to our future.

Crochet is magic.


Have you ever wanted to master the craft of crochet?

In addition to my collection of paid and free crochet patterns and guides, I am excited to offer several ways to learn crochet in person in Indianapolis and in central Indiana.

Stitchcraft Party

All project supplies and materials are included and yours to keep.
Light refreshments can be arranged.

from $100

How does it work?

Imagine throwing an unforgettable Stitchcraft Crochet Party for a group of 4-8 friends in the comfort of your own home – with absolutely no effort on your part. All the hard work of planning the party will be taken care of by The Stitch Witch, aka Me.

The Stitch Witch will brainstorm ideas with you and help you choose a project you and your guests will love. She’ll prepare all the materials and supplies, and bring them to your home. She’ll set up the work space before the party starts. And once your guests arrive, she’ll be right there to offer personal guidance to each party participant.

Stitchcraft Workshop

All project supplies and materials are included and yours to keep.

from $20

How does it work?

I partner with some pretty cool spaces in Indianapolis to offer a stimulating backdrop to learning the magic of crochet in small, informal public groups.

Upcoming workshop:

Crochet (Wine) Bottle Carrier
Peace Water Winery, 747 N College Ave, Indianapolis.

More information including ticket sales dates coming soon.

Stitchcraft Lessons

Individualized learning on your own terms and schedule.

from $20/hr

How does it work?

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or at another comfy public spot of your choice. Learn the basics and build upon them; focus on a particular stitch or technique; or work with skilled guidance on your dream crochet project.

Hourly Rates:

Individual lessons: $20
Groups of 2-3 participants: $30 per group
Groups of 4-6 participants: $40 per group

Small group learning works best for groups of friends who share the same learning objectives or who want to work on the same projects. Once a group commits to a meeting schedule, the same group rate will apply regardless of how many participants actually attend a particular lesson in the future.

You can contact me with questions or to set up in-person lessons via the contact form below.

Stitchcraft Circle

Bring your own materials and projects.


How does it work?

I am in the process of setting up a Stitchcraft Circle at Indianapolis Public Library’s Michigan Branch. The hope is to have a designated area and regular time to meet, work on our projects, socialize, and learn from each other.

Stitchcraft Circle will be open to all fiber artists: crocheters, knitters, macramé makers, lacemakers of any kind, weavers, quilters, embroiderers, and sewers.

You can contact me with questions, ideas, or interest in Stitchcraft Circle at Michigan Branch Library via the contact form below.

Stitchcraft Projects

Below is a showcase of past workshop projects. I will be adding to this collection regularly as our workshops grow.

Of course, you are always welcome to suggest your own project idea that I can design and prepare just for you!

  • jute basket in cotton hanging net
  • crochet rainbow wall hanging |

Jana K Gusich |

About the Stitch Witch

Jana the Stitch Witch has been crocheting since she was 10 years old. She is way older now. And much more experienced.

She has been writing professional crochet patterns and meticulous step-by-step guides since 2013.

And now she is sharing her skills and passion for crochet with everyone willing to immerse themselves in the magic of crochet.

Read more about Jana here.

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