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free crochet pattern: medium one-round snowflake

Quick and easy winter crochet project - a perfect yarn buster.

One of three free crochet snowflake patterns – Happy Holidays from JaKiGu! Links to the other two are at the bottom of this post.

And there are more wonderful crochet Christmas gift ideas at JaKiGu on Etsy or Рbe sure to visit and see for yourself. Continue reading free crochet pattern: medium one-round snowflake

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free crochet pattern: black-and-white crochet teething ring

Ever since our little Bubba was born in September, I have been on the lookout for toys for him. Sadly, almost everything commercially available and marketed to ages 0 months+ is not necessarily age-appropriate for clumsy newborns and their tiny hands. Toys I found were either too thick to grasp; too heavy for the accidental, yet inevitable drops on the little one’s face; or overly stimulating with way too many colours, textures, and sounds in a single item.

I knew if I wanted him to play with something different, I’d have to create it myself.

{What I didn’t know was how hard it’d be to find a minute here and there to finish the project. What would have normally taken me less than a single afternoon took me almost three weeks with a brand-new newborn at home!}

As I suspected, this simple high-contrast black and white squeeze-and-suck ring has quickly become one of B’s favourite toys.

Crochet Teether Toy by JaKiGu

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starry night pendant

Inspired by these earrings, the Starry Night Pendant is now the newest addition to JaKiGu jewelry collection.

The neat thing about it is that it is reversible. It can be worn speckle-side up for an extra dose of sparkle, or as a plain, solid-coloured pendant that adds just a little pop of colour to an outfit.

It’s totally customizable – and available in 12 custom colours.

My favourites are smokey quartz gray and emerald green. What are yours?