pattern preview: coiled crochet bowls

Everything you could possibly need to know to make a set of these wonderfully sturdy stacking crochet baskets in one awesome information and image packed file, coming to my shop next week.

Update: the pattern is finished and can be found right here on, and it is also available in my Etsy shop.

Coiled Crochet Stacking Baskets or Shallow Bowls, a PDF Pattern by JaKiGu

Apropos. 54 pages. Can it even be called a pattern, or have I written a book?

Coiled Crochet Stacking Baskets PDF Pattern by JaKiGu Preview

If you haven’t heard of the coiled crochet technique before, I wrote a little about it here. In short: I am in love with this technique so rarely utilized in crochet circles that there is barely any information available on it yet so awesome I want to scream about it from the mountains! There’s no better way to crochet sturdy and durable baskets, bags, potholders, and rugs. Period.

Learn coiled crochet with this awesome 54-page pattern and guide book, and make your own sturdy and durable crochet baskets.

free crochet pattern: pinwheel coaster

I have a new crochet pattern for you to try! It’s a wonderful yarn stash buster, and if you aren’t bothered by clingy toddlers or demanding husbands, you could make more than a couple in an afternoon.
Pinwheel Coaster Free Crochet Pattern by JaKiGu

These lovely pinwheel coasters are so versatile – the colour combinations in which they can be worked are virtually endless. You be the designer: let the pattern inspire you and then run wild with it! Make something truly yours; to fit your mood, home decor, or current season. One can never have enough coasters – and if she does, she can always give them away as thoughtful, handmade gifts. Continue reading “free crochet pattern: pinwheel coaster”

crochet pattern: picture frame with fan edge

Crocheted picture frame with a fan edge – now available for download in my Etsy shop.Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu
I designed and wrote this frame pattern in the spring. I crocheted more than forty of them in this lovely lilac purple for the custom order I was working on at the time.
Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu
I love purple, I love lilac, and I love spring.
Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu
But recently, a different season and different colours have been on my mind. Christmas with its trademark pine green, cardinal red, and golden yellow, and of course, the classic candy cane red and cream white.
Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu
I crocheted a couple fan-edged frames in the red and white combination, inserted zen snowflake art, hung them on the wall, and it immediately felt like the air was a little crisper, and the mood was a little more magical. I swear I can almost hear the jingle bells.
Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu
Whatever colour you decide to crochet these frames in, my pattern is super easy to follow and even a beginner crocheter can finish a frame well in under an hour. In addition to the pattern itself and useful, close-up images, the downloadable PDF comes with stitch knowledge base, and tips on finishing, blocking, stiffening, and cleaning crochet frames. Each purchase also comes with a bonus PDF with several ideas on how to finish the back of the frame to hold miniature art securely in place. And while you’re there, see what else is available at JaKiGu on Etsy!
Crochet Picture Frame Pattern by JaKiGu