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pattern preview: crochet handbag

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already noticed a crochet handbag or two on my timeline. They are colorful, quick and easy to make, an oh-so-versatile! They’d make perfect Mother’s Day gifts, don’t you think?

The sky’s the limit to the number of uses for these handy accessories. Pencil case? Perfect size. Cosmetics bag? Absolutely! An actual handbag for a night out? Oh, you bet! Book cover, journal cover, e-reader cover? Check, check, check.

Like the handbag I made last year, I use mine as a journal cover. It fits my 8×5 inch journal perfectly, but it is designed to fit an iPad mini 4 and Kindle 1 as well.

While upon closer examination it my be clear that I used granite stitch to make the whole bag, I played a little with the construction in order to create an interesting effect that makes the stitch quite a bit less obvious.

Before I get back to crochet pattern writing, I have to ask.

What life essentials (or little luxuries) would you carry in your own  9×6 inch flap-over crochet handbag? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to send you a 50% off coupon and the pattern link as soon as I publish it in March 2018 if you’d like to make one for yourself, or someone dear to you.

5 thoughts on “pattern preview: crochet handbag

  1. Definitely a drawing pencil case and my stencils! But, I’d have to make another for my iPad and then others for my journals!
    This is a wonderful looking handbag! I can’t wait! Would love to see other sizes as well! Looks like a perfect bag to organize my backpack and/or my purse!

  2. I might have to try 1 or 2 of these!

  3. I love the simplicity of this bag! I’m sure I’ll find many uses for it … journal or coupons? I’m looking forward to the pattern coming out!

  4. I would make one for my Kindle and another just for essentials for a quick trip to the store when I don’t need a big bag. It is so cute!!

  5. I would love to make one in black as an evening purse…

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