on a cusp of a new year

Most people see the end of a year as an opportunity to revisit, reevaluate, and reflect on the year past. I am not most people. Today is the eve of a new year: the proverbial blank sheet waiting to be filled with anything we can imagine. I love dreaming. In dreams, like in a new…

snowflake 2022, free crochet pattern

After last year’s hiatus and with a slight delay, I am excited to continue the annual jakigu.com tradition of starting the season with a free snowflake pattern. Crochet snowflake 2022 is a delightfully simple crochet project that utilizes only the chain, slip, and single crochet stitches. The guiding force behind this year’s design has been…

You are wonderful

Since I sent out an appeal to help me keep believing in the goodness of humanity in my newsletter 4 weeks ago, through your purchases of the Help Ukraine crochet pattern bundle you have helped me to raise, to date, $750 dollars. Click to view the donation receipt and the sales report, if you wish….

arrow macrachet wall hanging

After the hustle surrounding the recent release of my Jute and Cotton Bottle Carrier Collection, working on this arrow macrachet wall hanging felt like a vacation for my mind. Making it was quick, easy, and so gratifying! If you are looking for a relaxing project that you can complete in about an hour, I encourage…

crochet pattern collection: bottle carriers

Pattern Release Day! Coupon code for 30% off valid on Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY is at the bottom of the post! I wish I had a witty anecdote to introduce this pattern release. I don’t. So instead of beating around the bush and going down the memory lane from my first wine bottle carrier almost…

robot monster Freeze Ray

May I introduce you to the result of my most favorite collaboration of all times? Meet Freeze Ray; the first in a line of robot monsters sparked to life in the vivid imagination of my 7-year-old son, Billy.

handmade crochet baskets

In all the hustle of changing from the holiday routine back to Month 10 of home learning (not to mention the disturbing events in Washington DC this past Wednesday), I was still somehow able to tap a magical source of inspiration, motivation, and determination. Not only that: I have somehow found the time to crochet….

thinking aloud: thank you

Even if I wanted to, I know that being angry at 2020 wouldn’t be fair. It was a rollercoaster of a year in which highs were barely scraping the former normal, yet the overwhelming feeling in my heart is that of gratitude.

snowflake 2020, free jakigu.com crochet pattern collection

It’s that time of the year again! December 1, also known as the first official day of Christmas season in our house. Here, on the blog, you may know it as the day I release the annual free crochet snowflake pattern. It’s hardly an exaggeration that 2020 has been very skimpy on treats and little…

2020 crochet gift guide

Do you need a break? A project that will allow your mind to pleasantly wander? Do you crave basics? Simplicity? Repetition? If so, I think you’ll like the patterns in the 2020 crochet gift guide. I am deliberately including projects that are timeless, yet quick and easy to make. Each pattern should take an intermediate…

rainbow pinwheel coaster: free crochet pattern

I have a quick yet unique rainbow pinwheel coaster pattern for you today. It’s an ideal stash-buster that works up quite fast. But what I love about these pinwheel coasters the most is how versatile they are. The color combinations in which they can be worked are virtually endless! Can you imagine them worked in…

boxing ball crochet pattern

Tetherball; boxing ball; kicking ball; punching bag; kick-boxing ball; ball-in-a-sock: it matters not what your child calls it. Just know that you as a parent will refer to it in your mind as the “magic ball.” The magic ball that burns all the extra energy before bedtime, and then some. The added bonus for you?…

crochet pattern: rainbow bag

How is it mid-June already? It’s almost time for another quarterly newsletter! But first, here is the first free pre-release crochet pattern: a rainbow bag. You can read more about why I am publishing my patterns temporarily for free in this blog post. Rainbows make my soul smile. And since real rainbows are hard to…

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hanging basket net: free crochet pattern

In my recent Crochet: Just for Me blog post I shared with you a simple hanging basket net. Unsurprisingly, you liked the net as much as I do. And because it is the simplest design from the bunch, I am delighted to share the pattern with you right away.

crochet: just for me

Even though I design all my crochet items with functionality in mind and use vast majority of them daily in our home, every now and then I make something just for me. It may or may not be practical or needed, but it makes my heart smile. Usually, these items are the easiest to create….

new pattern release: tiny jute bowl

This tiny jute bowl perfectly represents my feelings about what modern, minimal crochet should be. It’s simple, timeless, made with natural materials, and above all; practical. Isn’t it just adorable?

jute crochet: start here

Whether you are curious about jute crochet or searching for specific jute crochet patterns or inspiration, this dynamic blog post is a great place to start. I will update this visual catalog regularly as I add new designs and knowledge base articles. Ideally, this post will help you navigate my website and easily discover all…