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work in progress: black and white crochet | black and white crochet motifs

Last Friday night, I grabbed my hook to quickly whip up a test black and white crochet spiral for a collaboration project I am considering. While I was working on the swirl, another black and white circle idea popped up in my mind. So, I made it – and while doing so, like bubbles, another two ideas popped up in my head. By Sunday night I had 16 different black and white motifs. And then I noticed I had been storing all these circles in a black and white polka dot basket. Clearly, there’s a theme going on; wouldn’t you say? Continue reading work in progress: black and white crochet

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crochet infant toys – crochet pattern preview | Tactile Infant Crochet Toys

Once again, the life story of a crochet pattern makes me ponder the relativity of time. How can a project that takes less than an afternoon to complete be the result of a pattern that has been 5 years in the making?

I have my suspicions. Continue reading crochet infant toys – crochet pattern preview

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one minute crochet heart – free crochet pattern

One minute crochet hearts | crochet pattern

When I say a “one minute crochet heart,” I mean it. You can literally crochet a whole heart in less than 60 seconds. So, if you are finding this post on February 13 (and your child just announced that they are doing Valentines exchange at school tomorrow after all), do not worry! You’ve got plenty of time to make two dozens of these before dinner time. Continue reading one minute crochet heart – free crochet pattern

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macrachet: macramé inspired crochet macrachet, macrame inspired crochet

Recently, in a detour from my beloved crochet baskets, gift bags, and picture frames, I’ve been toying with something quite different.

Call it a hybrid craft, if you will. Macramé inspired crochet. Or, you might get used to calling it macrachet (© 2019 As in macramé + crochet. Pronounced ma-kra-‘shea, of course. I see macrachet as a blend between the macramé aesthetic and the coiled crochet technique. Continue reading macrachet: macramé inspired crochet