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This page serves as a starting point, whether you are looking for a paid pattern to try or want to discover an old freebie. This page is also being built to include links to all the crochet basics, such as stitches and how-tos, and my favorite techniques. Be sure to bookmark it and come back soon to see how this crochet resource has grown.

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Though not my focus these days, I loved designing these toys for my son when he was a baby. Perhaps there is a baby in your life that would adore these simple, washable toys made by hand in natural materials. It doesn’t get better than that.

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I expect this section to grow in the next year!

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how to crochet: waistcoat stitch

Ah, the waistcoat stitch. The crochet version of the knitted stockinette stitch. A.k.a. the knit stitch. Or the “v” stitch. Or, if we wanted to get more technical, the center crochet stitch, or the split single crochet. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However intimidating some of these names may be, though, don’t let them fool you…

learn to crochet: adjustable magic loop

Adjustable magic loop comes in handy whenever your work starts as a crocheted circle and you do not desire a visible hole in the middle. Examples of such work include coasters, placemats, hats, doilies, rugs, or basket bases. In fact, I use this technique to start all of of my baskets. In essence, adjustable magic…

crocheting with jute: tips and tricks

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love crocheting with jute. Jute and cotton are my two most favorite fibers to work with. And if Pinterest is any indication, I am not the only one who likes the look of a basket made in a combination of these materials. Jute is a…