Welcome to JAKIGU.COM

A place where eco-friendly fibers and crochet hooks coexist with rocks, molten glass, and solder in perfect harmony.


My name is Jana K Gusich and I am the sole person behind jakigu.com and Silvergence.

JAKIGU is an abbreviation of my full name & my creative online alter ego.

I became Pinterest-famous in the early 2010s with my modern and functional crochet items and accompanying detailed crochet manuals to help you recreate them at home. My Jute & Cotton basket crochet pattern series remains legendary a decade later.

These days, I balance a full time job in higher education and parenthood while wishing I could be working in the garden instead with trying to remember all the new crochet patterns ideas swirling in my head so that I can write them down and publish them for you – all the while I daydream about the ways in which wire, metal, enamel, and gemstones can be combined into one-of-a-kind jewelry.

JAKIGU, much like myself, has been influenced by people from dozens of lands and languages, and their experiences, stories, and culture. Today, this online space stands as a testament to personal growth and evolution shaped by triumphs, falls, and the countless lessons learned along the way.