JAKIGU.COM is a website, shop and blog devoted to modern, minimal,
eco-friendly crochet home décor, accessories, and baby toys.

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Jana K Gusich | jakigu.com

JAKIGU is me, Jana K Gusich.

I love to use natural materials and strive to design and create timeless items with a minimalist look and high functionality.

Currently, I focus on crochet but my other passions include wire bobbin lace, woodworking, and jewelry making.

You can read more about me here.

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What People Say

This was the first time I ever purchased a crochet pattern in which I thought that the price was worth the product. These instructions are essentially a book—written by someone who knows how to write precise instructions.


Seller responds to emails quickly. The pattern is well written, easy to follow and understand. I will definitely be purchasing patterns from this shop again!

K. C. Gunter on JAKIGU Etsy

This pattern is excellent!! Easy laid out instructions and plenty of pictures. Very precise Thank You!

Alexandria Lodge on JAKIGU Etsy

Amazingly detailed pattern with lots of pics and clear step by steps! Brilliant!
The creator of this pattern has been so so helpful when i got myself confused, and as a result i have a new fav basket pattern!
Beautiful and sturdy!

Kayla Kemp on JAKIGU Etsy

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