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Occasionally, you may also find here updates from Jana’s silversmithing journey and purchase her distinctively quirky jewelry.

HELP UKRAINE Crochet Pattern Collection

You get a collection of 38 patterns for $15.
I donate every cent to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


Amazing pattern with step by step photo instructions and troubleshooting. I love it! It is impossible to make a mistake. Thank you!

RaeLyn on JAKIGU Etsy

Pattern is well written with plenty of photos to walk you through it step by step. Love that the designer also included common problems and how to correct them. 

Melanie on JAKIGU Etsy

Not only is this the coolest bottle carrier on Etsy, the designer has covered every single thing. She describes stitches, EXACTLY what you will need to make it and describes it all. Many designers just say “jute”, this designer describes exactly what you need to make this bottle. I believe anyone who crochets at any level can make this bottle carrier simply because the designer has left no stone unturned in her directions. I’ve never seen better instructions. 

Susan on JAKIGU Etsy