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Jana K Gusich

JAKIGU is the abbreviation of my full name & my creative online alter ego.

For years, I have been designing modern and functional crochet items and writing awesomely detailed crochet manuals to help you recreate them at home.

In 2021, I set on a journey to fulfill my decades-old dream of becoming a silversmith. Imagining all the ways in which wire, metal, enamel, and gemstones can be combined is my current favorite way to daydream and to channel my creative energy.

Fun facts about me:

As a child, I never liked chocolate. And then, in my mid thirties, I went through a phase when I could live on it. Currently, my feelings towards chocolate are ambivalent.

My name, Jana, is of Slavic origin and pronounced YA-na. People regularly call me Janna, Jenna, Jenny, Joanna, or – my favorite way to mispronounce my name – Diana. It always makes me smile, so I hardly ever correct anyone.

I didn’t wear make-up on my wedding day. Or any other day in the past 11 years.

I believe that just because one could crochet something, it doesn’t mean she should. That goes especially for neon-coloured acrylic blankets and underwear, though the list goes on.

I also believe that “One can never have enough…” is a gateway phrase to hoarding. I prefer to live by the Less is more adage.

I remember life before smart phones and social media, and I miss it tremendously.