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Once again, the life story of a crochet pattern makes me ponder the relativity of time. How can a project that takes less than an afternoon to complete be the result of a pattern that has been 5 years in the making?

I have my suspicions.

For one thing, I simply enjoy some aspects of crochet pattern design more than others. There’s no better feeling than sitting down in a clean, quiet house. The hook is in my right hand, a brand new ball of yarn rests by my left side, and an exciting idea dances happily in my mind, impatient to turn into a yarn creation. I also love writing instructions. I really believe writing clear, concise instructions that leave nothing out are my biggest strength.

But then there’s the tedium of photography and editing and document layout and proofreading and post writing and marketing. Oh, marketing! How I wish I were better at self-promotion.

Still. It’s hard to admit that the baby clutching the infant toy ring  – which was the prototype for one of these new patterns – turned 5 and a half last month. (Yes, half birthdays are big right now.)

This all makes me all the more excited to introduce you to not one but two new crochet baby toy patterns in my shop.

Tactile Infant Toy with textured bumps

Tactile Toy | crochet pattern

High Contrast Teething Ring

High Contrast Baby Toy | crochet pattern

Both of these crochet infant toys are ideal first toys for the little fingers to try and grasp. The rings are narrow enough for the smallest of hands, and each toy has its own intriguing elements to explore. Cotton as material of choice make these toys washable – and very light should they accidentally fall on the baby’s head. Which will inevitably happen.

Patterns for these crochet infant toys are available here at (feel free to click the above images to go straight to individual listing) as well as in my Etsy shop.

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