Jewelry by Jana K Gusich, hand-forged through fusion of materials at the convergence of crafts.

Silvergence is more than jewelry – it is a modern fusion of traditional artistry and unexpected materials, in which I painstakingly weave together techniques from crochet, bobbin lace, silversmithing, enameling, and stone setting.

Crafting jewelry in a way that has not been done before embodies my lifelong journey of forging my own path. Silvergence jewelry goes beyond the ordinary and transcends time to become a talisman, a personal keepsake, a piece of wearable art that bridges souls, clans, and continents.

Convergence of Stories

In the tapestry of our lives, each moment and experience add a thread of significance that make us who we are. Choosing a deeply meaningful piece of handmade jewelry is an opportunity to encapsulate those moments in a tangible form – and make them everlasting.

Each handcrafted detail of Silvergence pieces holds a story, a connection, and an emotion. Let the intricate artistry and heartfelt craftsmanship of my one-of-a-kind pieces intertwine with your own unique narrative to become a timeless reminder of your multifaceted life.

The Essence of Silvergence

  • Mutual Empowerment: Silvergence goes beyond jewelry; it celebrates your empowerment as much as it celebrates mine. Each of my pieces encapsulates the strength and uniqueness that can only be achieved through trial and error; through not being afraid to fail and refusing to give up.
  • Artistry with Intention: Crafted through a fusion of techniques, every piece of Silvergence jewelry is a fragment of my soul and I create each piece with a wish that it speaks directly to yours.
  • A Subtle Embrace: Much like a fleeting friendly smile that without words lets you know you are seen and understood, Silvergence jewelry holds the power to uplift your spirits whenever you catch a glimpse of it.

Stay Connected

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