Square Jute and Cotton Stacking Baskets Crochet Pattern

A downloadable PDF crochet pattern with instructions to make a set of three jute and cotton stacking baskets.

A 25-page instantly downloadable PDF file containing instructions to crochet 3 perfectly stackable square crochet baskets. Aside from nine written pattern sections, this instructional booklet is packed full with 37 high-quality detail-focused photos, four step-by-step photo tutorials, and many useful notes, tips, and tricks to help you create wonderful, lasting, and practical work of art.

All patterns are written in standard American terms. They contain two non-standard stitches, which are explained in great detail both in words and pictures.

Though I do not discourage anyone from attempting to crochet these baskets, the pattern will be best suited for an intermediate crocheter with confidence crocheting basic crochet stitches, and with variety of materials. Ideally, this will not be your first crochet project. If you have never worked with jute before, please be prepared to be working with a fiber much stiffer and rougher than traditional crochet yarns.

3-ply 3 mm jute; 4-ply, medium weight cotton*
5.5 mm and 11.5 mm hooks
*Specific brands, weights, and quantities of jute and cotton are included in the booklet, as are the tips for finding the best alternatives if you can’t source the suggested materials.

Small ———-14.5 cm (5-3/4 in) Square —— Height: 7.5 cm (3 in)
Medium —— 20.5 cm (8-1/4 in) Square —— Height: 9.5 cm (3-3/4 in)
Large ——— 25 cm (10 in) Square ———— Height: 11.5 cm (4-1/2 in)

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