crochet snowflake 2019: free crochet pattern | snowflake 2019 | free crochet pattern

It’s December and that means it’s time for Crochet Snowflake 2019.

Like every year, I am eager to welcome winter. The start of every season brings a tingle of excitement and December is no different. The cool, shorter, darker days that replace the bright weeks of autumn mean only one thing: the nature is getting ready to rest, and so should we. Though it may seem hard to do, having wrapped up one holiday only to start getting ready for another, but December is the perfect month to slow down and enjoy the small things.

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free crochet pattern: crochet snowflake 2018 | free crochet snowflake 2018

Call me a purist, but in our house the magic of winter season doesn’t start until the first day of December. The good thing is, that’s today! And that made me want to go “Hooray!” more than once. ‘Tis the season.

My 5-year-old son was helping me decorate the house for the first time today. At one moment, he picked up a little jingle bell ornament, kissed it, and proclaimed, “Oh, jingle bell, how I’ve missed you!” My feelings, exactly. Continue reading “free crochet pattern: crochet snowflake 2018”

snowflake 2014: free crochet pattern collection

Crocheted holiday. Stitch after stitch sliding off a hook in a calming rhythm of focus. There is something utterly satisfying about decorating one’s home with items that were handmade made with love and with a particular purpose in mind. My favorite thing to crochet this time of year? Snowflakes. And this season, I bring you not one but three separate free patterns as part of my Snowflake 2014 collection.

Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, put on some Christmas music, and grab your favorite hook and yarn. These unique one-round crochet snowflakes are an ideal budget-friendly Christmas decor project for those who don’t have much time as they work up in mere minutes, and use the tiniest amount of yarn.

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