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free crochet pattern: crochet snowflake 2018

Call me a purist, but in our house the magic of winter season doesn’t start until the first day of December. Which is today! Which made me want to go “Hooray!” more than once. ‘Tis the season.

My 5-year-old son was helping me decorate the house for the first time today. At one moment, he picked up a little jingle bell ornament, kissed it, and proclaimed, “Oh, jingle bell, how I’ve missed you!” Seriously, what can be cuter than that?

While we certainly share love for jingle bells, the quintessential holiday decoration for me comes in the form of a snowflake. Made of wood, paper, fabric, yarn, beads, twigs, wire, or the special Swarowski crystal snowflakes my husband has been gifting me in our son’s name every year since our boy was born – I cannot get enough of them!

An so, in order to perpetuate my love for snowflakes, I am kicking off an annual tradition of bringing you an original crochet snowflake design each year on the first of December.

Ta-da! Here’s Snowflake 2018! | free crochet snowflake pattern

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free crochet patterns: one-round crochet snowflakes

Handmade holidays.

There is something utterly satisfying about decorating one’s home with items that were made with love, and with a particular purpose in mind. Stitch after stitch sliding off a hook in a calming rhythm of focus.

These unique one-round crochet snowflakes are an ideal budget-friendly Christmas decor project for those who don’t have much time as they work up in mere minutes, and use the tiniest amount of yarn.

Quick and easy Christmas DIY project that works up in minutes and costs next to nothing - free crochet pattern for 3 unique snowflakes

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