robot monster Freeze Ray

May I introduce you to the result of my most favorite collaboration of all times? Meet Freeze Ray; the first in a line of robot monsters sparked to life in the vivid imagination of my 7-year-old son, Billy.

I made the crochet version at his request, and under his diligent supervision. Billy approved the colors, the shapes; he even chose the photo for my Instagram. Clearly, he had a vision – and I am so incredibly happy we could work together (and have fun!) to make it come to life.

The past year has been trying at times. Yet with every new day, I grow more grateful for the extra time I have bond with and learn from a first-grader whom I would – under normal circumstances – only see for a few hours a day.

I can say with resolute certainty that without Covid-19, there would be no Freeze Ray. Or any of the other 17 (and counting) robot monsters in Billy’s sketch collection that he wants me to crochet.” I don’t mind one bit. Because I have an inkling, Billy’s robot monsters have the superpower to make people smile.

And really, is there a better reason to create than to make people smile?

I wonder: Would you like a free pattern to make your own robot monster?

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  1. connie noren says:

    I love Billy and your Freeze Ray, and I love your question, “And really, is there a better reason to create than to make people smile?” We especially need those smiles right now. Thank you, Jayda and Billy!

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