on a cusp of a new year

Most people see the end of a year as an opportunity to revisit, reevaluate, and reflect on the year past. I am not most people.

Today is the eve of a new year: the proverbial blank sheet waiting to be filled with anything we can imagine.

I love dreaming. In dreams, like in a new year – or each new morning – anything is possible. When I was little, my mom used to remind myself and my sisters, Big triumphs are never born of small dreams.

With a tranquil heart, I am proudly looking forward and dreaming big. Any of the infinite paths through which 2023 can take me will be the path for me. And all the dreams that have been filling my mind right before I fall asleep for as long as I can remember are the seeds of future triumphs waiting to be planted along the way.

I am content knowing that some things that will come to pass will bring me joy, others – sorrow, peace, worry, excitement, disappointment, pride. I will learn from the mistakes I will doubtlessly make. And all those things that are yet to pass will shape me into a person a bit different from the person typing these words.

Here’s to knowing where we came from – and then choosing to not look back.

Happy New Year.

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