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When I published my 2018 picture frame collection, I promised you a quick guide to attaching pictures to crochet picture frames. So, today I’ll share with you my three favorite ways of mounting art in crocheted picture frames.

Before we begin, I strongly recommend that you block and stiffen your picture frames.

Picture frame finishing: blocking and stiffening


  • foam board (or other surface into which you can safely and firmly push pins: cork and cardboard should work well)
  • cling wrap
  • pins
  • a bowl with water
  • clear or white school glue, like Elmer’s (or your favorite commercial stiffener – follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • a round or ¼-in flat paint brush


First, soak your picture frames in warm water until fully saturated.

In the meantime, prepare your glue mixture by combining 1 part glue with 2 parts of warm water. Glue dissolves into water easier when the water is warm. Carefully stir until there are no more glue streaks left.

Lay cling wrap over your board to prevent picture frames from getting stuck to it when the glue-water mixture dries.

Then, remove frames from the water bath and gently squeeze our excess water.

One at a time, lay the frames onto the prepared board, and pin them down into desired shape. Insert your pins at an angle to prevent tension created at the opposite end to pull the pin out.

When you have pinned all your frames, brush each frame’s surface with the glue-water mixture until yarn is thoroughly saturated.

Remove pins when frames are completely dry (it may take 8-24 hours).

Attaching pictures to crochet frames: easy solutions

On a very simple, basic level, attaching photographs or pictures to the finished frame can be as simple as trimming the art piece to size and securing it in place with a few small pieces of masking or washi tape. Clearly, this solution works best if you want temporarily mount art in frames that you don’t plan to handle or move much. This is an ideal solution to display seasonal art and decor.

Alternatively, if you want to attach a piece of art on a permanent basis but with almost no fuss, you can stitch the picture to the backside of the frame with the running stitch.

Attaching pictures to crochet frames: professional solution

However, if your frames are intended as a gift or if you plan on selling them,* you might want the backside to be finished with as much care as you put into creating the front. If you are a perfectionist like me, the shortcuts – however quick and simple – won’t cut it. Imagine taking a frame from the wall and handing it to a friend to admire. Do you want her to see masking tape on the back?

That’s what I thought. And that’s where art pockets come in place. Art pockets are my favorite way to finish a crochet picture frame. Whether you intend to switch artwork in them regularly or never, art pockets provide a professionally looking backing solution that works in every situation. Learn ho to attach art pockets to crochet picture frames below.

*Note: Yes! You are welcome to sell items you create using my patterns. I kindly ask that you credit me as the pattern designer by listing my name (Jana K Gusich) or by linking to my website ( in your item description.

How to create art pockets on crochet picture frames |


  • Finished crochet picture frame
  • A picture or artwork to display
  • A piece of fabric (felt works wonderfully) or leather
  • A short length of yarn in the same color as the picture frame
  • Color-matching thread, needle, and scissors

Attaching picture to crochet picture frames / guide


Step 1.

a) Cut your art to size. Diameter of your trimmed picture should be 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch (5-10 mm) larger than the frame’s inner diameter.

b) In order to later hang the picture frame, attach a yarn loop of desired length to the backside of the frame, just above the ring. Weave ends neatly and securely in.**

Step 2.

a) Cut a circle out of fabric of your choice. Felt works universally well, but I have recently started using leather for that extra-luxurious look and I love it! The fabric circle needs to be 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch (5-10 mm) in diameter larger than the art piece.

b) Create an opening through which you will pull the yarn loop to secure the art in place and to hang the picture. You can either cut a simple slit into the fabric, or you can use a metal eyelet.

Step 3.

Center the fabric right side up on the back side of the picture frame. Align the eyelet with the yarn loop from step 1b. Attach the bottom half of the fabric circle to the frame using running stitch.

Step 4.

Slide the picture into the fabric pocket. Trim the picture if necessary for a perfect fit.

Step 5.

Pull yarn loop through the pocket’s eyelet (or slit) to secure the art in place. Hang the frame and enjoy!

** NOTE: You can skip the loop and eyelet and simply hang the frame onto a thin pin through the crocheted fabric.

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Happy crocheting!


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