Ombre Wine Bottle Gift Bag Crochet Pattern



Gifting wine? Why not in a handmade crochet wine bottle bag? I have an awesome crochet pattern to help you make one from start to finish.

Pattern Details:

As with all my other designs, you are getting much more than a written pattern. This multi-page instructional booklet contains over 100 close-up photographs that illustrate every step of the process, from the starting loop to the finishing invisible join. I annotated each photo with detailed, specific instructions. Whenever you need more than crochet shorthand, inconspicuous notes in the otherwise concise pattern written in standard American terms will refer you directly to the section of the visual guide containing relevant step-by-step illustrations.

Following sections and/or techniques are fully illustrated in both words and step-by-step photographs:

  • Waistcoat stitch
  • Adjustable magic loop
  • Rounds 1-3
  • Adding the coil, and working the stitches over the coil
  • Gauge troubleshooting: base and sides
  • Transition from the base to the sides
  • Adding new color and color change
  • How to form handles
  • Leaving the coil out
  • Invisible join

Please note that there are several aspects of this crochet project that can prove challenging to crochet beginners. Waistcoat stitch itself takes a little bit of practice before you get the hook placement and tension just right. Moreover, the waistcoat stitches on this wine bottle bag are worked with a relatively small hook size, which can also take some getting used to. Also, the gift bag is crocheted over a coil for added durability and stiffness. Coiled crochet is yet another non-traditional crochet skill you may require some time honing.

While I am do not doubt a determined crochet beginner might successfully complete this project with the aid of my visual guide, I would recommend this project to crocheters at at least an intermediate skill level. This project is not the right choice for a novice crocheter or as the first crochet project.

Materials Needed:

12 g (0.45 oz) of Sugar n’ Cream cotton in each: Wine, Country Red, Tangerine, and Tea Rose
200 g (7 oz) of Sugar n’ Cream cotton in Ecru
14.1 m (46 ft 2 in) of 7/32 cotton clothesline with polyester core (I recommend this one from Ace Hardware – not an affiliated link)

5 mm (H) and 5.5 mm (I) crochet hooks

Format & Download Instructions

This is a crochet pattern and instructional guide written in standard American terms and sold as an instantly downloadable PDF. As soon as payment clears, you will receive an email receipt containing both transaction details and download links to two separate files for each pattern: written pattern only for quick and economical printing, and the complete instructional booklet.

If you don’t see a message from JaKiGu in your inbox within an hour after purchase, please check your Spam/Junk folder.

You can access each file up to five times. Please note that merely opening the file to view it counts as one access. I recommend saving the file immediately upon opening, ideally in the location on your smart device or computer that you can easily access. Should you need to download the files more times than that, please get in touch.

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