coiled crochet baskets

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets! Baskets make me happy.

They are fun and relatively quick and easy to make, and oh-so-useful! My son loves to keep his little cars and blocks and treasures in them. My husband appreciates that the fruits on our counter are readily accessible, yet contained. And I? Most often, I use a recently made basket to hold my yarn as I work on the next one!

I tend to be critical of my creations and never make grandiose statements about them, so this is huge: These are the most amazing baskets I’ve made to date!

And the pattern (along with a detailed step-by-step photo guide) is available right here on in my pattern shop!

Coiled crochet. Such a simple concept – and so widely underused, if you ask me. Crocheting over a coil helps create a thicker textile without the need to use too much yarn. It also makes work grow faster as the stitches are considerably taller than they would be without the coil. And perhaps the most significant quality of a coiled basket, in my opinion, is the sturdiness that comes with it. I appreciate the delicate nature and decorative characteristic of stiffened doilies shaped into bowls, but how practical are they, really? Coiled crochet baskets, bowls, and containers, on the other hand, beg to be used – and can handle a great deal of abuse, too!

Possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing a coil. Ropes and clotheslines of various thicknesses, several strands of yarn (scrap or deliberately chosen), fabric strips, recycled plastic bags (aka plarn), a crocheted chain, or even wire; to name just a few options.

For the large blue basket, I used 2 strands of jute. In the small red and yellow baskets, I crocheted over cotton clothesline.

I love crocheting over jute so much! Using two strands of jute allowed me to control the tension a little more evenly – and I adore the way the color of natural jute peeks from in between the stitches. And because jute is not really used to crochet in this case (unlike the baskets in my Jute and Cotton Series), it’s not too tough on fingers.

But I was equally pleased with working with the cotton clothesline. Its standardized size and neural color (that could be possibly custom dyed to suit any project needs) as well as the fact that it’s widely accessible make it a really practical coil choice.What do you think? Do you like the coiled crochet concept? Have you ever made anything in this technique? Would you be interested in a pattern?

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  1. Kelley says:

    Love these baskets! Do you have a pattern for sale? Would like to purchase this one and will purchase the jute basket pattern as well. Thank you!

    1. Jana says:

      I’m working on a pattern. I’ll send you a message with a coupon code when it’s finished, ok?

  2. Debbie Herron says:

    Hello from sunny (although not today) Florida. Would love a pattern as well. Getting ready to order the three different shaped jute/cotton basket patterns. Hate to ask, but any chance there’s an available coupon code? I’m relatively new to crochet but have the basics down pat. Will these patterns cause heartburn or headaches? 😉 lol

    1. Jana says:

      Hi, Debbie: All three Jute and Cotton Basket sets can be bought as a 37.5% off bundle here:
      And if you use coupon code BLOGTRIZA12, it will bring the price down even more – to 50% OFF! 😉

      As for level of difficulty, the round Jute and Cotton Baskets are best suitable for at least an experienced beginner. The square version is slightly more difficult as the base is a square, not a circle (and can be quite challenging to do in jute if one has no prior experience crocheting a square in the round). I’d save the lacey design for last; it definitely uses some advanced techniques. Just remember, whenever you have a question about a design (or it’s giving you a headache) – please, get in touch! I enjoy guiding my customers through the process if and when needed.

      I’d be sure to send you a link to the coiled crochet basket as soon as it’s finished – along with a coupon code 😉

  3. Anne Alcorn says:

    Just ordered the jute and cotton bundle. Please let me know when you have a pattern for these new baskets!


    Mon anglais n’est pas très bon.
    J’adore ce que vous créez, l’harmonie des matières et des couleurs.
    Pourriez-vous m’indiquer ou puis-je trouver le tuto ? pour les petit paniers

    1. Jana says:

      Hi, Dominique;

      The pattern for these coiled baskets is not yet ready, but I can let you know as soon as I finish it! Thank you for your kind words about my designs; I am flattered.

      Bonjour, Dominique;

      Le motif de ces paniers enroulés est pas encore prêt, mais je peux vous dire que dès que je l’ai fini! Je vous remercie de vos aimables paroles au sujet de mes dessins; Je suis flatté.

    1. Grietje says:

      Ook ik zou dit patroon wel graag willen. Kopen

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