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Even though I design all my crochet items with functionality in mind and use vast majority of them daily in our home, every now and then I make something just for me. It may or may not be practical or needed, but it makes my heart smile.

Usually, these items are the easiest to create. Perhaps it’s because there’s no second-guessing myself when I crochet something just for me. I know what I want, and I know how to create it – or I keep on trying until I get it right. Without the need to take meticulous notes, the process is quick and almost effortless, and thoroughly enjoyable.

So, allow me to share with you a few projects I completed over the last three months. They were all designed with one customer in mind. Me.

Large doily mirror frame

I have been dying to adapt a doily pattern to a picture frame for years. Of course I have nothing against the quick-to-make small crochet picture frames; but there’s something about a statement piece like this that takes crochet to a whole new level for me.

To say I am pleased with the result is an understatement. I simply adore this radiating mirror! I worked this cotton version over a 9-inch macrame ring, and I think it would look absolutely breathtaking on a 12-inch frame. In fact, I have challenged myself to figure out a way to make a large outdoor jute version!

crochet mirror doily |
crochet mirror frame |
Family name pillow

Crochet pillows have been a passion of mine; at least theoretically. At any given moment, I have close to 729 ideas for modern throw pillows and cushions floating in my mind. Yet, in all these years, I never made a single one!

Last year, I was playing with tapestry crochet technique a little. To try out some fancy lettering, I charted our family name and gave it a go. It was certainly a process that required attention and concentration, but other than that it was surprisingly easy.

Turning the finished block into a pillow was sort of an after thought. At first, I thought of gifting it to my mother-in-law last Christmas. Yet, the perfectionist in me wasn’t completely satisfied with some of the lettering and the finished size. For the sake of research and self-improvement, I decided to keep the pillow and make a better one next year. I am secretly really happy I did. Imperfections and all, this lumbar pillow is a perfect fit into our tiny home and family.

crochet pillow on a chair |
personalized b&w crochet pillow |
rainbow garland

Even though I still prefer neutral colors, I am becoming obsessed with everything rainbow-colored. Ever since I published the rainbow wall hanging pattern after running a rainbow factory for a couple of weeks last fall, I find it hard to stop arranging everything around me in the rainbow order.

Our banister became a little more cheerful thanks to this rainbow garland, the result of some seriously mindless crocheting. You see, in order to keep my hands busy and my mind off snacking in the evenings, I like crocheting super simple things while watching TV. My husband and I have been rewatching 30 Rock, and somehow by the end of the first season, I ended up with twenty small crochet rectangles. I joined them together just as mindlessly, and randomly wrapped the finished garland around our banister. They haven’t left the spot since! I love the happy vibes they radiate along our staircase!

I will share detailed step-by-step instructions to make a garland like this in my upcoming Learn to Crochet series.

crochet square bunting |
rainbow garland on a banister |
soft and squishy christmas ornaments

These crochet baubles are probably my favorite project of all.

It’s because they are made of yarn my 6 year old son gifted to me on Christmas Eve. My husband later described how B asked him drive him to “the yarn store.” Apparently, he knew exactly where to go, and confidently chose the sparkliest yarn. He even wrapped it and wrote a card!

I thought it was only fitting to turn his Christmas present into something I will enjoy every Christmas. It looks like I’ll be able to get 10-12 baubles out of this ball of yarn. I can’t wait to hang them all over the tree next year.

And happy news for you! I will share a free pattern for these Christmas baubles this fall. Follow my blog to get the pattern right in your inbox as soon as it goes live.

silver crochet baubles
silver crochet balls & caron yarn |
Christmas tree skirt

This was a true pleasure project; completely selfish and utterly unnecessary. I had bough the grey yarn on sale without a project in mind months earlier. As I set up our Christmas tree, I thought a monotone grey tree skirt would look lovely underneath it. Unfortunately, mid-project I discovered I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the whole project. The grey yarn had at that point been discontinued and I had no other choice but to improvise.

The sparkly red line of surface slip stitches creates a beautiful transition between the grey and white sections. And the white and red candy cane trim could have not worked out more marvelously if I had planned it all along! The fact that the skirt looks equally appealing on the reverse is an unintended effect I consider the cherry on top.

reversible candy cane crochet tree skirt |
hanging basket net

I made this particular net to simply test a technique. (Three of my upcoming patterns will feature a net in their design). While playing with the net I realized it was the perfect size for my tiny crochet bowl. In an instant, it turned the bowl into a hanging basket! Just for fun I added a tassel to the bottom and I can’t believe how much it looks like traditional macrame. I love that it’s actually macrachet! Now I need to find a little plant to set in it, and I’ll happily hang it by my night stand. If I could, I would turn our bedroom into a little greenhouse. Unfortunately, my husband made it clear he refuses to sleep in a jungle. Here’s to compromises!

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  1. Janet Bendig says:

    All are so lovely! I so hope you release patterns for the tree skirt & hanging basket net.

    1. Jana says:

      Thank you, Janet! It’s always easier to write up patterns I know people are waiting for. I’ll publish the hanging basket net within a couple of weeks.

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