crochet pattern collection: bottle carriers

Bottle Carrier Crochet Pattern Collection 2021 |

Pattern Release Day! Coupon code for 30% off valid on Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY is at the bottom of the post!

I wish I had a witty anecdote to introduce this pattern release. I don’t. So instead of beating around the bush and going down the memory lane from my first wine bottle carrier almost three years ago to today’s collection, I’ll just jump right in.

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handmade crochet baskets

small storage baskets |

In all the hustle of changing from the holiday routine back to Month 10 of home learning (not to mention the disturbing events in Washington DC this past Wednesday), I was still somehow able to tap a magical source of inspiration, motivation, and determination. Not only that: I have somehow found the time to crochet. And – most surprisingly – not get tired of the repetitive nature of crocheting a dozen handmade crochet baskets in the past two weeks.

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crochet snowflake 2020: free crochet pattern

crochet snowflake 2020 |

It’s that time of the year again! December 1, also known as the first official day of Christmas season in our house. Here, on the blog, you may know it as the day I release the annual free crochet snowflake pattern. It’s hardly an exaggeration that 2020 has been very skimpy on treats and little luxuries. That’s why Crochet Snowflake 2020 comes to you as an instant collection of 3 differently sized snowflakes, all worked according to the same one-round crochet pattern. These snowflakes work up in mere minutes! Treat yourself to some Christmas magic – and then make some more to spread the joy ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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2020 crochet gift guide

2020 Crochet Gift Guide |

Do you need a break? A project that will allow your mind to pleasantly wander? Do you crave basics? Simplicity? Repetition? If so, I think you’ll like the patterns in the 2020 crochet gift guide.

I am deliberately including projects that are timeless, yet quick and easy to make. Each pattern should take an intermediate crocheter less than two hours to make. All these projects call for natural materials, can be customized – and they all make perfect gifts!

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change is in the air

Surrounded by the profound changes and the context in which they are taking place, it’s hard not to think about survival these days. Whether it is making do, doing without, letting go, we all make dozens of tiny compromises each day we didn’t think we’d ever have to do just a few short months ago. It’s a bumpy ride but we are adapting. We we have to. After all, what is survival if not adaptation?*

And whether this urge is revolutionary or reactionary, I suddenly feel the need to make a few changes myself. Which is ok. Because not every change is bad. In fact, I am certain this change is going to be quite amazing.

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jute crochet: start here

Whether you are curious about jute crochet or searching for specific jute crochet patterns or inspiration, this dynamic blog post is a great place to start. I will update this visual catalog regularly as I add new designs and knowledge base articles. Ideally, this post will help you navigate my website and easily discover all of my available jute crochet resources: my current and past projects, available patterns, jute decor inspiration, or crocheting with jute tricks. Go ahead and Save this post on Pinterest so you can always come back and see what’s new.

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