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hanging basket net: free crochet pattern

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In my recent Crochet: Just for Me blog post I shared with you a simple hanging basket net.

Unsurprisingly, you liked the net as much as I do. And because it is the simplest design from the bunch, I am delighted to share the pattern with you right away.

I designed this net to work perfectly with my Tiny Jute Bowl. Don’t have the bowl pattern? Use coupon code GOTNETNEEDBOWL at checkout and get it with a 33% discount!

jute hanging basket | jakigu.com


  • Sugar n’ Cream Cotton (or other yarn that yields 13 wpi)
  • 4 mm (G) crochet hook
  • stitch marker, scissors, needle for weaving in ends


  • ch (chain stitch): Yarn over – drawn yarn through the loop on the hook.
  • sl st (slip stitch): Insert hook into the space specified – yarn over – draw yarn through the loop on the hook.
  • sk (skip)
  • st/sts (stitch/stitches)
jute hanging basket | jakigu.com


This hanging basket net is worked in two joined rounds. Round 1 creates the foundation of the two handles, and the center diamond. Round 2 joins the handles and the center diamond, and enforces the handles with slip stitches. Handle slip stitches are worked under the back loop and the back bump of each stitch, leaving the front loop exposed.

Stitch markers can help you keep track of multiple chain stitches. As you join chain stitch sections with slip stitches, make sure not to twist your chain.

Round 1

Chain 128.
Sk 90, sl st into 91st ch from hook (i.e. 38th ch from the beginning of chain).
Chain 21. Sk 21, sl st into 22nd ch.
Chain 75. Sl st into 1st ch of the round to join.

Round 2

Chain 15. Sl st into 11th ch of the center diamond’s 21-chain.
Chain 15. Sl st into 16th ch of the handle space and into each of the next 59 ch sts (i.e. into each ch except the last 15).
Chain 15. Sl st into 11th ch of the center diamond’s 21-chain
Chain 15. Sl st into 16th ch of the handle space and into each of the remaining handle ch sts.

Break yarn. Weave ends in. Trim excess.

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