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A long time ago I made a lot of tiny crochet circles, using embroidery floss leftovers. Not sure what to do with them, I tucked them away until I rediscovered them one cold day last fall. After playfully arranging them for a while, they lined up and asked to be put together into a colorful necklace. I instantly liked the necklace – a cheerful, rainbow-colored piece of textile jewelry that’s not too bold for a conservative minimalist like myself. But when my son was about 4 months old, he started noticing the necklace, too; reaching out for it as he nursed. And just like that, this simple piece of jewelry became the first nursing necklace I made. When a couple people asked for instructions on how to make their own, I wrote a crochet pattern and it quickly became a popular design in my Etsy shop. But as I woke up this morning and saw all the snow we got overnight, I felt like it was Christmas morning again. And I wanted to spread the joy. So I decided to take the pattern off the store shelf, so to speak, and offer the pattern for free instead.It’s a perfect quick little project for a snowy Saturday, when all you need to do is make some hot tea, put on your warm socks, and spend the afternoon making something adorable.

Colors of the necklace can be customized to your liking, so you can create a necklace as unique as you are. Circles of my necklace are arranged so that the necklace is reversible – with rainbow of pastel hues on one side, and primary colors on the other. The skills needed to complete the project are easy enough for a beginner crocheter (only slip stitches, chain stitches, US single and double crochet are used). And you probably already have enough thread at home to make it this afternoon – scraps are all you need.The wonderful thing about the necklace is that it could be so much more than just fashion accessory. It might work for you and your little one as a nursing necklace (whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding – children are drawn to bright colors). It could easily be made longer for an adorable nursery room bunting; you could hang it on the car seat handle to give your infant something bright and colorful to look at while you’re driving; and crocheted in white or cream and gold (or green, red, and gold) it would make a lovely Christmas garland.

Click here to download a PDF file with complete instructions and a pattern to make the necklace.

And when you’re finished, I would love to see your creations! Feel free to post pictures of your necklace on Facebook, or leave a comment below. Let me know what you think of the pattern, how you like the necklace – I am eager to hear everything!

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  2. Shirley Avatar

    Love your work! Thanks so much for the free necklace pattern.

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  5. Connie Noren Avatar
    Connie Noren

    Thank you so much for your lovely crochet necklace pattern!!! It was so kind of you to provide it for free.

  6. Cristina Avatar

    Me encantó lo voy hacer ya que la joyería de crochet me gusta mucho .

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