free crochet pattern: ornate picture frame

There has been quite a lot of interest in the post that introduced my ornate picture frame design. All this attention made me realize it would be selfish of me not to share the pattern.

Ornate Picture Frame by JaKiGu

The pattern for this ornate picture frame is by far the easiest of all picture frame patterns I ever designed.

{Materials used}

  • worsted weight yarn
  • 4mm-5mm crochet hook (US size G/6-H/8)

Note: This picture frame is totally customizable, and gauge is not important. The pattern can be worked out in almost any yarn/thread and an appropriately sized crochet hook.

{Crochet stitches used}

  • single crochet (sc)
  • chain stitch (ch)
  • slip stitch (sl st)


Step 1: Create the frame base

  • Wrap your yarn 8 times around a container of a similar circumference you wish for the inside of your frame (I used a coffee canister).
    • Note: If you are using a thinner yarn or thread, you will need to increase the number of wraps. Aim for a 1/5 to 1/4 inch thick “cord.”
  • Hold the 8-strand cord in your left hand so that the yarn end is pointing right, and the working end of the yarn is pointing left. Both ends should be on the backside of the cord; that is the side held by your left index finger.
  • Insert the hook under the cord, grab the working end of the yarn and bring it forward. Now, you have a loop on your hook, on the frontside of the cord (which is held by your thumb).
  • Yarn over and pull it through the loop on the hook. Tighten this slip stitch to hold all strands of the cord together. The frame base is finished.

Step 2: Crochet the frame

Round 1: sc all the way around the cord – sl st to join

Note: make sure the total number of single crochets is a multiple of 6

Round 2: sc into each sc – sl st to join

Round 3: {ch 3 – skip 2, sc into the 3rd sc} all the way around – sl st to finish – weave ends in

Step 3: Finish the frame

Pin the frame to a flat surface (I used both a piece of Styrofoam and my ironing board with equal success). Start with the base and pin it into the shape you desire – it can be blocked into a round or an oval shape. Then, pin each of the little arcs on the outside, starting at 12 and 6 o’clock, continuing to 9 and 3 o’clock, and so on, to ensure the overall shape is even and symmetrical. Spray the pinned frame with water until saturated, and let it air dry.

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  5. Sharon Avatar

    Genius idea! Thank you so much for sharing your idea.
    Just what I need.

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