snowflake 2014: free crochet pattern collection

Crocheted holiday. Stitch after stitch sliding off a hook in a calming rhythm of focus. There is something utterly satisfying about decorating one’s home with items that were handmade made with love and with a particular purpose in mind. My favorite thing to crochet this time of year? Snowflakes. And this season, I bring you not one but three separate free patterns as part of my Snowflake 2014 collection.

Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, put on some Christmas music, and grab your favorite hook and yarn. These unique one-round crochet snowflakes are an ideal budget-friendly Christmas decor project for those who don’t have much time as they work up in mere minutes, and use the tiniest amount of yarn.

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free crochet pattern: black-and-white crochet teething ring

Ever since our little Bubba was born in September, I have been on the lookout for toys for him. Sadly, almost everything commercially available and marketed to ages 0 months+ is not necessarily age-appropriate for clumsy newborns and their tiny hands. Toys I found were either too thick to grasp; too heavy for the accidental, yet inevitable drops on the little one’s face; or overly stimulating with way too many colours, textures, and sounds in a single item.

I knew if I wanted him to play with something different, I’d have to create it myself.

{What I didn’t know was how hard it’d be to find a minute here and there to finish the project. What would have normally taken me less than a single afternoon took me almost three weeks with a brand-new newborn at home!}

As I suspected, this simple high-contrast black and white squeeze-and-suck ring has quickly become one of B’s favourite toys.

Crochet Teether Toy by JaKiGu

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crochet pattern: simple picture frame

I wanted to make these for a long, long time.

Crochet picture frames can be customized to fit any decor, they store well when not in use, they are washable and pretty much unbreakable – and they make wonderful, budget-friendly hostess gifts, or gifts for baby showers and house-warming parties. What’s more, they are ultra-easy and super-fast to make. A perfect afternoon project!

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