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Whether you are curious about jute crochet or searching for specific jute crochet patterns or inspiration, this dynamic blog post is a great place to start. I will update this visual catalog regularly as I add new designs and knowledge base articles. Ideally, this post will help you navigate my website and easily discover all of my available jute crochet resources: my current and past projects, available patterns, jute decor inspiration, or crocheting with jute tricks. Go ahead and Save this post on Pinterest so you can always come back and see what’s new.


First things first: below you can browse through all jute crochet patterns I have published to date. If any of these designs catch your eye, know that by purchasing them will directly support me, Jana K Gusich. I would like to thank you for this support by offering you a 50% discount for any of the jute crochet patterns featured on this page. Simply use use coupon code JuteLove at checkout on jakigu.com.

These patterns are also available, without the discount, on Etsy

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  • Jute and Cotton Wine Bottle Carrier by jakigu.com
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  • Round Jute and Cotton Stacking Baskets Crochet Pattern


In 2020, I plan to release at least 5 additional jute crochet patterns. I am working hard on editing instructions and taking countless step-by-step photos for my trademark instructional PDF guides. You know my “patterns” are so much more than “just” patterns!

Which would you like to see released first?

  • A simple shapely jute jute vessel that reminds me of my Boniface baskets,
  • Super sturdy and generously-sized jute basket with a cotton stripe and awesome handles;
  • A tiny jute catch-all bowl (UPDATE: this tiny bowl pattern is now available on JAKIGU.COM and on ETSY);
  • A triangle jute and cotton basket that fits perfectly into shelf corners; or
  • Collapsible and expandable jute (not only gift) bag with cotton mesh?

Let me know in the comments!

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jakigu.com | jute and cotton picture frame | free crochet pattern


What is jute?

Jute is a natural fiber, derived from the jute plant. To learn about the jute plant itself, and where and how it’s grown, have a look at this Encyclopaedia Britannica entry. For additional information about jute, its environmental impact  and its various practical applications, I recommend this short article from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.

Why I love jute

There is something indescribably comforting and cozy about the warm tones of the jute fiber. Even at a first glance, jute seems natural. Simple. Pure. Looking at a new spool of jute cord, I see rope begging to be coiled and twisted and knotted to create something useful – and beautiful. Like a basket. That’s how I fell in love with jute myself. Out of necessity. I needed a way to organize my infant son’s toys. In addition to functionality, though, I envisioned something timeless. Simple but durable.

Through trial and error, my desire to make highly functional, sturdy crochet baskets found a match made in heaven in this versatile natural fiber. I can’t believe I posted the first basket update and sneak peek back in 2014! To date, that basket is my shop’s number 1 bestseller. And I have designed and made countless other items in jute since.

My favorite techniques for crocheting with jute

Of course, if you opt for making smaller home decor pieces such as coasters or wall art, crocheting with jute is not much different from crocheting with yarn. Except it perhaps doesn’t feel as soft and cuddly as merino wool. Actually, it most definitely does not. However, a thin 1.5-2 mm jute twine is pliable, easy to work with, and not as rough on fingers as thicker cords.

And thicker jute is what you need in order to create beautiful, but extremely sturdy and durable baskets. Which has been my jute crochet mission from day one. Jute delivers on both fronts and therefore has become my favorite fiber for crochet basketry, second only to cotton. Over time, I developed two distinct methods of making jute crochet baskets. While they both produce stiff and durable baskets, the methods and results cater to different crocheters and different intended uses. 

The first technique relies on regular single crochet stitches, two strands of jute and yarn, and a relatively small hook for such yarn thickness. This is the technique of my original 2014 jute and cotton basket design, which I expanded into a whole collection. It produces a dense fabric that holds its shape very well without the need to stiffen it. It is an ideal technique to try when first experimenting with jute crochet. While I would never tell an enthusiastic crocheter not to try a pattern or a technique, I do want to recommend starting with regular yarn if you have never crocheted before. Ideally, crocheting with jute would not be your first crochet experience. Having said that, this technique is suitable for a confident beginner who doesn’t get discouraged easily and who sees frogging as a learning opportunity, not failure.

The second technique produces fabric that is even stiffer. I would compare the feel of a basket made in this technique to that of a wicker basket. Except in case of jute, you don’t need to worry that it would break under too much weight. The basket stiffness results from using waistcoat stitch in combination with the coiled crochet technique. Due to several factors, such as using a small hook, tight tension, and crocheting around a coil; I recommend this technique to more experienced crocheters.

Whichever method you choose, crocheting with jute is easier when you learn how to crochet with two hooks. Using a smaller “helper” hook makes inserting the hook into the intentionally tight jute stitches much easier. I urge you to check it out. It’s the most valuable piece of advice I can share with anyone interested in jute crochet.

Helpful jute crochet tips and tricks

To help you adapt to crocheting with jute, I have written an informative post in which I share my other favorite tips and tricks. From protecting your hands to protecting your clothing to making jute softer, this post covers it all. And should you still have questions after reading it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch. I bet I have the answer already, I just might have not thought of sharing it.

More jute crochet inspiration

What can you crochet with jute? Pretty much anything. Check out my Pinterest board devoted to jute crochet and see what inspires me.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? I’d love to hear them! You can leave a reply below; or you can comment under this Instagram post or this Facebook post. I know it’s sometimes easier to comment and interact on a platform one is already signed into.

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