• how to crochet: waistcoat stitch

    Ah, the waistcoat stitch. The crochet version of the knitted stockinette stitch. A.k.a. the knit stitch. Or the “v” stitch. Or, if we wanted to get more technical, the center crochet stitch, or the split single crochet. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However intimidating some of these names may be, though, don’t let them fool you…


  • Magic loop crochet tutorial by jakigu.com

    how to crochet adjustable magic loop

    Adjustable magic loop comes in handy whenever your work starts as a crocheted circle and you do not desire a visible hole in the middle. Examples of such work include coasters, placemats, hats, doilies, rugs, or basket bases. In fact, I use this technique to start all of of my baskets. In essence, adjustable magic…


  • cotton bowl with yarn

    crocheting with jute: tips and tricks

    If you follow my blog, you know how much I love crocheting with jute. Jute and cotton are my two most favorite fibers to work with. And if Pinterest is any indication, I am not the only one who likes the look of a basket made in a combination of these materials. Jute is a…


  • things to make and do in 2018

    My mind is filled with countless crochet ideas, and my fingers are busy hooking the yarn as fast as they can; yet I seem to be barely making a dent in my ever-growing project to-do list. Once again I find myself wishing a day had 48 hours. At least. Though I have been designing crochet…


  • free crochet pattern: colorful necklace

    Free crochet pattern for a colorful circle necklace – a quick and simple project suitable even for a novice crocheter.


  • crochet pattern: round jute and cotton stacking baskets, and more

    Round jute and cotton stacking baskets. The long-awaited pattern has arrived! The twenty-page PDF file contains detailed instructions, illustrative photos, helpful tips, photo tutorials, and a summary of crochet skills needed for this project. Get it on jakigu.com or on Etsy. I really enjoy working with jute and figuring out how it could best work for…


  • Quick and easy winter crochet project - a perfect yarn buster.

    snowflake 2014, free jakigu.com crochet pattern collection

    Crocheted holiday. Stitch after stitch sliding off a hook in a calming rhythm of focus. There is something utterly satisfying about decorating one’s home with items that were handmade made with love and with a particular purpose in mind. My favorite thing to crochet this time of year? Snowflakes. And this season, I bring you…


  • crochet pattern: pinwheel coaster

    This pattern is now available for free. Pinwheel coaster with scalloped edges. It’s so easy to get carried away and make it in all the colour combinations imaginable. I usually don’t crochet in vibrant colours (with the exception for my circles necklace and yellow nursing necklace), so this project has been especially joyful. It’s an…